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Hello! My name is Adam Cleall and I write and record pop music.

My current music is influenced by a mix of 60's pop such as The Beatles & The Kinks,

with contemporary pop & indie artists such as Foxygen, The Unicorns & MGMT.

This website will be a main hub to access all my different work through.

It will also feature exclusive demos, videos & posts about what I'm currently working on!

Also be careful! This website is haunted by wigmakers from the 1700's and they're very scary

so watch out for that. Thanks for reading!


~My major releases thus far~

(More small projects can be found on my YouTube & my BandCamp.)

Albums & EPs

Adam Cleall's Expedition to the Underworld



Oh, My

Blogg?? (frogg???)

I will provide updates, exlusive demos & more here.


Hello, if the month and a half of no blog posts is any indication,

I have been very busy. ABE album sessions were so much fun. Henry,

who is producing the album is currently editing shit. When he's done

with that I will record the things we missed out during the sessions,

with that being pretty much all the midi stuff lol. Outside of this

I'm working on another top secret project which is almost completely

recorded. That alongside uni & work is all I've been doing since august.

Suuper busy. I now have the sampler I wanted to use for the live act,

so we're rehearsing again. Hopefully we can have a full set ready asap,

because making new instrumentals & teaching my songs is super time

consuming. I'm at a stage right now where I just have a fuck ton of stuff

to get done, but it will all be out of the way by Christmas. After that

I'll just be gigging, starting my next uni semester & working. I'll prob

start writing the next record next year too. So yeah I'll try to keep updating

this frequently again. I don't think anyone reads it but it's fun to write.

~Prevous Posts~

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