Adam Cleall's Music??


Hello! My name is Adam Cleall and I write and record pop music.

My current music is influenced by a mix of 60's pop such as The Beatles & The Kinks,

with contemporary pop & indie artists such as Foxygen, The Unicorns & MGMT.

This website will be a main hub to access all my different work through.

It will also feature exclusive demos, videos & posts about what I'm currently working on!

Also be careful! This website is haunted by wigmakers from the 1700's and they're very scary

so watch out for that. Thanks for reading!


~My major releases thus far~

(More small projects can be found on my YouTube & my BandCamp.)

Albums & EPs

EP for snowman (we mixed this at abbey road!!)


Adam Cleall's Expedition to the Underworld


Hedgehog Tennis

Oh, My

Blogg?? (frogg???)

I will provide updates, exlusive demos & more here.


almost midnight. all my uni work is due next friday.

tomorrow me and my friends dan, lucas & reigan are playing

an hour set of songs for fun. we're sounding pretty good.

i'm singing harmony on some songs & lead on others and i'm

playing cajon, guitar, bass & singing saw throughout. i've been

listening to TONS of the music tapes & neutral milk hotel & ayano

kaneko; they're really great. i'm gonna try to put together

a live act to play my songs again for the 50th time. we're gonna have

three of us with acoustic guitar, accordion, trumpet, chord organ,

toy piano & singing saw. this one i think is likely to actually happen.

my ep i'm making for uni should be done up on this website on saturday.

it could also go on bandcamp or even spotify and stuff if i wanted

but i don't want many people to hear this one and i think that will

help. i wanted to end the post like "it's midnight now! so i guess

this post is '29/04/2022'!" but it's 11:54.

~Prevous Posts~

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