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the womb was cold

the engine drowning out the knell

it had her smell

the shadow formed an empty sphere

we hit that deer

i really hate it when you're here

it makes me sick

i lose my mind we're so unclear

i scare myself

i'm just as bad as all those guys

with depraved eyes

you turn the corner and speed up

you see your breath

you see the steeple through the mist

she made me lunch

she made me cold she dropped her wrist

everyone's in love

everything's in place

firemen save cats

while you only save face

when was the last time

you changed how you spoke

try to make more friends

try to make more jokes

the cafe christmas lights

reflect on your coke

through the wall at night

listen to her choke


Watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight. It rocked! What a soundtrack!

Makes me wanna write new stuff. I think I want my next album after the '60s one

that's coming out this year to be like a glam rock, Earthbound-esque,

Kate Bush, MF DOOM pop opera with Evangelion vibes and more focused songwriting.

It's all coming together.


Haven't posted one of these in a while because that's how it be with

these things! Working a shitty job rn and starting some uni work.

The album is progressing at a snail's pace. Everything is sort of a mess

at the moment in my life. I need to make little pages for Hedgehog Tennis

and the mixtape I released in January on this website but haven't.

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow? I've finished recording four of the album's

songs and listening to them actually makes me pretty excited about it.

I just wish I had the money to just pay someone else to make all the music

videos for it because I can't be bothered with them at all. I know what

they'll all be, but I'm just not that interested in making them. I've been

playing ALOT of video games recently. I've been reading Murukami books

and listening to the Earthbound soundtrack, late '60s post Smile Beach Boys,

and Adam Green recently. To be honest I haven't really been listening to

music that much. Will I ever play live shows? Will I get a better job?

Will we finish the album? Find out next time!


SUPER SECRET PROJECT IS DONE. Now I've gotta finish the album

and make promotional shit for everything. I have like NO music

video ideas so wish me luck. I'm staying up late into the night

again since I don't have uni so I can wake up when I want (although

I don't stay up too late so I can actually get up at a reasonable time).

Haven't actually been listening to much music atm. Just been playing

video games, watching streams/videos, and watching movies because

that's what I'm in the mood to do. When I HAVE been listening to

music I've been listening to the early Roxy Music stuff with

Brian Eno because it rocks.


My super secret project is very almost done. Yesterday I hung

out with my friends who I hadn't seen in a long time so it was

nice. Today I went Christmas shopping and now I don't have much

money. I watched Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola this evening

and now I'm watching it again because I like it a lot. I'd really

like to write a short book or a screenplay, but I'm worried that

since I'm quite naive and don't have much life experience, I wouldn't

be able to write characters as good as I'd like to and it would

just be a bit cringeworthy.


I am ready to get back to work. Lots more good work will

continue to come out of Cleall HQ once again. Hooray!

I feel better now, it's roses now.


I've decided that until I've gotten all my uni work done, I'm just gonna

completely ignore my music, because there's no point in stressing over

not doing it when I physically do not have the time to do it. Despite not

having time to do anything, all I've done so far today is procrastinate.

Unless something crazy happens this will by my last little post until all

my work is handed in. Goodbye!


I am really busy all the time but feel like I get nothing done.

I'm listening to ...and star power which I don't think I've listened

to in almost two years maybe. I think I like it better than I remember.

Check it out if u wanna hear one of the best albums ever made. My single

came out and was met with indifference which is okay because I don't care

about it either. I wish I knew how to make friends because I want to

see movies and get food with people, but I feel uncomfortable around everyone.

I still lack interest in my album but the super secret project I am making

still excites me. I think I just need to rush making every project from now

on because otherwise it's not fun. I don't know what to do anymore at the

moment so I'll just keep doing what I'm supposed to and hopefully it will be

okay in the end. Thank u for reading if u are. I promise that there is work

in my head that will one day materialise and u will like it as much as I like

...and star power.


I have the first song ready to finish recording for the album. I'm not interested

in 60s music anymore so I'm finding it hard to finish. Trying to listen to all

the stuff I used to like to give me some motivation. I am very busy at the moment.


Hello hello hello. I have finished recording my top secret super secret

project. Now I need to finish it. This top secret super secret mega secret

project is also being used for some of my uni work, so it will be a while

before it is completed. Henry is still editing. I forgot to give my final

update on Serial Experiments Lain. I finished it a few weeks ago.

The ending was absoloutely amazing. It's quite a heavy show, partly thematically

but I also just mean dialogue heavy, so with a brain like mine it's hard to

pay attention to it for long; so I don't see myself rewatching it anytime

soon. I'd like to though. Maybe I will play the ps1 game next. I have been

playing Earthbound recently. The gameplay is ass, but the writing, art & music

is fun & I think the dialogue is much better than any other game from this

era. It's so slick & whimsical. I am half way through, from what I've read

the second half features less bullshit than the first half when it comes to

the gameplay. I've been meaning to get a better job than my current one,

but I kind of can't be bothered. I am starting to think about what I am going

to do next year. All I have planned is releasing some of the stuff I'm

currently working on, writing the next album & playing shows. I am trying to

figure out a way to keep lots of online content coming out next year, but

I don't want to do lots of covers like I did in the summer. I'll do some

cover youtube videos around when ABE comes out, but then I'll prob be dunzo

with that. I'll try to do something clever.


Hello, if the month and a half of no blog posts is any indication,

I have been very busy. ABE album sessions were so much fun. Henry,

who is producing the album is currently editing shit. When he's done

with that I will record the things we missed out during the sessions,

with that being pretty much all the midi stuff lol. Outside of this

I'm working on another top secret project which is almost completely

recorded. That alongside uni & work is all I've been doing since august.

Suuper busy. I now have the sampler I wanted to use for the live act,

so we're rehearsing again. Hopefully we can have a full set ready asap,

because making new instrumentals & teaching my songs is super time

consuming. I'm at a stage right now where I just have a fuck ton of stuff

to get done, but it will all be out of the way by Christmas. After that

I'll just be gigging, starting my next uni semester & working. I'll prob

start writing the next record next year too. So yeah I'll try to keep updating

this frequently again. I don't think anyone reads it but it's fun to write.


Tomorrow I will leaving home for the next two weeks to record

"ABE APEMAN'S PEACE PARADE". 12 songs. I might be providing updates

on my twitter & instagram or I might not. I'd like to make a behind

the scenes video for the sessions but I think I'd feel awkward

filming everything so we'll see if I do.


IM BACK FROM THE DEAD! My sister & her boyfriend got covid so the

recording sessions for the new album have been rescheduled for a few weeks.

I've been learning a song from evangelion on piano and it's hard as hell but

I'm making progress. Since we're not recording the album next week like we

we were going to, I'm going to keep working on a new project which is

sounding pretty cool.


Since the last post there was a bit of a development. I reuploaded that old video

of me walking through town playing a kinks song, and it got 50k views which is the

most attention I've had in my life. All the voice compliments & marriage proposals

I've gotten have been great. However I've also felt slightly sick since this happened.

I know that this will most likely be the most attention my work will get for a long

time, if not ever. Some people went on from the video to check out my original work

and followed me in other places which means so much to me, but alot of people just

asked me to cover other 60's songs and moved on. While this is flattering, I don't

want to cover 60's songs for a living; I want to be known for my own compositions.

I consider myself to be a much better writer than anything else. As the video got

lots of attention over the past few days I was hooked on my phone watching all these

people come in and it makes me feel a strange way. I'm going to take a break from

posting tiktoks every other day. I'm still going to post stuff but I don't know

if this schedule is good creatively and for presenting myself in the right way.

I think I'd like to do this sort of thing around music releases and then go quiet

in between. That way I can slowly work on more original art rather than dumping out

unoriginal rubbish every week. I love that this small success has brought my art some

attention, but I don't want to beg for attention and pander. I'm back on my Syd Barret

shit. I've got a biography about him which is in depth to a fault. Like where I could

imagine a documentary or something briefly mentioning something an old friend said

about him and then move on, this biography goes into that friend's whole life story

and family tree which bores me. So I mostly skip that stuff when it starts and skim

until I see Syd's name again lol. I've done almost fuck all with actually making

things over the past few days but that's okay. I'm just gonna indulge myself in lots

of art and then get back to work as soon as I can. I watched the final Evangelion

rebuild film yesterday. I think it's my favourite out of all of them but it might

take some more watches to appreciate it more. Probably gonna be a gap of new stuff

coming out now, but I'll be working hard on lots this whole time. Thank u for reading.


Hello, the single is mixed & mastered hopefully for good. Now just the music video & cover.

Uploading things on TikTok is still going really well, it's very nice to finally have at least

a few people listening to my work. Now I want to talk about one of my favourite songs

"Flash Delirium" by MGMT. This might be in my top 3 songs ever if not top 5 lol. Straight up

everything about it is perfect. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have written

a song that good. The song doesn't really have a chorus, but if it did it would be the

"even if this hall collapses" part, which has an absoloutely perfect melody. It's super

simple too; it just goes down the white keys on a piano. The production is also amazing.

Those horns, the guitars, the way the vocals are mixed! wow! Then the vocals & the lyrics are

just what make it perfect for me. I read this: "these lines were created by them making random

noises and writing lyrics based on what they heard" omg. Anyways the new single was super

influenced by it so PLEASE for your own sake give flash delirium a few listens.

Also I still haven't finished Serial Experiments Lain because it makes me sad.

Rehearsals for the live act are happening. Sue the spiders, sink the welsh.


Wow so I've started reuploading my YouTube videos to TikTok every other day,

and so far they've been really well recieved. If you're here from my TikTok,

thanks for checking out my work! So yeah the current vibe is gonna be TikToks

every other day, & then YouTube videos every Friday. When I run out of YouTube

videos to reupload to my TikTok I'll have to start making videos specifially for

TikTok, so I'm trying to come up with stuff in advance now. Outside of this there's

lots in the works. I've put my tape machine up for sale, so as long as it sells soon,

I can use that money to get the gear I need to gig which is finna gonna be crazy.

I'm also about to start doing the preperations for the recording sessions for the next

album which is very exciting. It's gonna sound crazy, I can't wait for people to

hear these songs. Outside of this if I'm remembering right, there's just one more project that I'm

starting to work on which is gonna be very cool. I had some really good chinese food



I've been working on a new youtube video over the past few days & today I finished it.

I'm very proud of it. I've gotten some feedback on Hedgehog Tennis & there's actually more

to do in order to get it perfect, so I'm not gonna master it through tape anymore because

otherwise I'd have to wait even longer to sell it which I don't want to do because I want to

get the sampler I need for the live act as soon as possible. Anyways, going back to the video,

I'm gonna try to keep up a streak of realeasing new videos every friday from now until I'm

unable to for whatever reason. That's all for now.


Killed a big-ass spider today it was crazy. Here is a song I made last year.

It's got real drums & piano both played by me; but its not performed very well. Nothing really

fits together. It's also not a very good song. This is prob gonna be the only place it will be

released EVER! wow! I've got alot to do over the next few days. So close to having all my shit

together so that things can keep moving along. But this afternoon I'm just gonna finish off the

instrumental for the single bside. The aside is completely done tho. Anyways that's all there is

to say rn, I'll prob write another one of these when everything I need is hopefully in place.


With the single being only 2 songs, this has taken me wayy to long.

I'm finishing the whole thing today though. Then I need to make the music video

and the cover. It's gonna be a while before it comes out tho :(

All the ffamf videos are out now, I released them every friday.

I kind of like the idea of a video every friday so ignoring today I might start

doing that every week because from what I know putting out stuff all the time

can get you a lot of traction. I've been watching a show called

"Serial Experiments Lain". It's very bleak but there's alot I like about it.

There's very little humour or humanity to it which I generally don't like in

art, for example my least favourite Lynch film I've seen was "Wild at Heart"

mostly for this reason; it was obviously their intention to make the film be like

that, but I just personally struggle to connect to that sort of thing. Actually,

I don't know if I'd describe Wild at Heart as being humourless, it's definitely

quite whimsical from what I remember, and Nicholas Cage's character was pretty funny,

but what I mean is that it never feels like any characters react how you would in

real life in the situations that are presented to them. But then meanwhile in "Eraserhead",

the protagonist, Henry, acts more like how you'd expect him to act in the situations

that he finds himself in, which means that within all the bizarre shit in that film,

you can always hang on to Henry. The protagonist in Lain is almost like this,

in a scary situation she'll usually be scared and so on, but there's some moments

where she just won't react to some weird ass shit, or she'll be part of the weird shit.

Then there's some other characters like Lain's dad or school friends who are more normal,

but we never see these people have normal conversations with Lain because she usually just

brushes them off and goes somewhere else. I think the fact that they give you just a few

normal interactions, along with the cool aesthetics and weird story are why I've stuck

with the show so far despite how bleak it is. Alsoo if you're reading this and you've seen

the show, that streetlight scene in episode two is so damn unsettling!


Wow, two days in a row! The new single is coming along well now, I should have

it done tomorrow. Maybe. I just watched a video of a symphony orchestra playing

evangelion songs, and there's a part in one of the songs I might sample on my album

after Abe Apeman. I'm so excited to make that album. I think Abe Apeman is going to be

special, but I'm usually always raring to move on to the next project once I've decided

what it will be. I'm going to try and keep my mouth closed on my ideas for that album though

for now. Need to do more stuff.


It is almost midnight as I'm writing this. I'm working on a new single at the moment,

but the progress is slow. I'm very proud of this song from a songwriting standpoint

so I want the arrangement & production to be as good, but I'm finding this difficult to do.

I'd really like to soundtrack a film. I co-wrote the soundtrack to a game a few weeks ago

with an indian guy whos name I forget; but the game ended up unfinished so that work won't

ever be showcased. I want to meet & work with more artists in all the artforms, other than

books because my brain is too rotted to read anymore, but I'm not sure how to find people.

Once I get some gear I need we can start performing my songs live. Hopefully soon. I got

a new phone so I've been using social media too much again.


Whoops! I forgot to update the website! I'm so cool!

FOOD FOR ALL MY FRIENDS is out. On Spotify all the songs have almost

overtaken all the Expedition to the Underworld songs in term of streams

which is really cool. The few people who've listened to the EP seem to like

it which makes me glad. I'd like to be able to promote my music more, but that

would require a live act in part, which is taking too long to get together.

I'm working on something, but there's some equipment I need first.

Anyway, there's more FFAMF videos to come on my YouTube, and I'd like to record

some more covers & things like that. So yeah, lots more to come, thanks for reading :)


All the ffamf stuff is ready to come out and everything.

I should be recording the next album, Abe Apeman's Peace Parade, soon.

I think after that record I want to make the best pop album I can, then I've

got two record ideas left and then I think I'll finish making these albums.

Most artists seem to make a really good early string of records, and then

spend the rest of their lives trying to make people care again so instead I'll

just make the good albums and be dun wiv it! I think making music like this is

a very self serving thing to do anyway so I'd rather contribute to other

people's projects instead. That is my stupid dumbass blog post, thanks.


"FOOD FOR ALL MY FRIENDS" is coming out on the 25th of June!

All the songs are bops & things like that. You can view the current webpage

for the EP which includes its cover & the tracklist here.

I really hope you will listen to it and enjoy it!

There will be more FFAMF content very soon!


Hello! I'm all done with uni for the summer,

so now I have more time to work on my music.

In this post I'm announcing that there may or may not

be an announcement on Friday about something to do with an EP

that may or may not be made by me. I'm trying to set up a music

video shoot/photo shoot today to do asap with my friends.

Anyway that's all I have to say rn. All the old posts will be kept

on a seperate page linked below now. Thanks for reading.


Today I am making this very website!

I am currently working on two big music projects. The first is coming very soon

and is called 'FOOD FOR ALL MY FRIENDS'. Despite being 4 songs long it's taken a year

to make because I don't know what I'm doing. It's coming out in June. The other project

is a full length album called 'Abe Apeman's Peace Parade' and it's going to be great.

I should be recording it over June & July and releasing it later this year.

I will be keeping updates on the album on all my little places on the internet.

To celebrate the momentus creation of this website, here is a demo for a scrapped doo-wop

song I wrote in early 2020: Drive link

One more thing! I am also rehearsing with my live band 'The Skeletons'

at the moment to prepare for performing my songs live in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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