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Hedgehog Tennis

Hedgehog Tennis! Wow! What a classic! This was written

at the start of summer 2021. It was the second to last song in a really

consistent songwriting phase (phase?) which lasted from September of

2020 to May of 2021. I believe I recorded it, along with its bside which

I'll get to next, towards the end of the summer. Hedgehog Tennis

was going to have a music video to help promote it, but I hate making

them so I didn't. Similarly to the other songs I wrote at the time,

Hedgehog Tennis has pretty vague lyrics, so you can interperate them

how you'd like. That guitar part at the end is for people I don't like.

Kimura's Monkey Puzzle Tree isn't that good! Let's be honest! I was

going to try to make a Brian Da'Ddario esque 3/4 ballad since I realised

I only had like one song in 3/4 at the time, but I didn't fully commit

to this and made something very simple instead. Idk there's not really

much to say about it. I'm no good at recording quiet songs yet and this

song is the best example of this. It sounds like shit.

The BBC liked Hedgehog Tennis. Slow Motion Panic Masters gave it a good

review. Maybe it should have been called "Hedgehog's Dilemma" instead.

Hedgehog Tennis was mostly influenced by

MGMT's "Flash Delirium". Kimura's Monkey Puzzle Tree is uninspired TRASH!


You can listen to the single at these places:



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